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We craft eCommerce experiences that embrace the unexpected and simplify the necessary We craft eCommerce experiences that embrace the unexpected and simplify the necessary
Sjoege Web Industries by Laslo

What we do best?

We give careful attention to what is being said, carefully consider the ideas being presented, and openly share our thoughts.

When we fully grasp an idea, we assign our top team to the project because we don't have a second-tier team.

Our journey starts by developing our partnership not only a project.

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    e-Commerce webdesign

    We work to create visually appealing and user-friendly eCommerce websites that effectively communicate a brand or business's message. Disciplines that are appealing for human and search engines.

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    Build e-Commerce platforms

    Yes, we do! Without chest banging. We build rock solid and lightning fast Magento and Shopware platforms.

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    Connect your PIM and more

    Having one single source of truth for your catalogue doesn't only work fast but also enhances your data quality on the fly. Pushing your catalogue to your favorite ERP system and voila you have your own ecosystem.

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    Solve Core Web Vital issues

    Google has identified these metrics as important because they can have a significant impact on the user experience of a website. Better have these issues solved as they could effect your page position. Better postion better conversion!

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    Identify Technical SEO issus

    The best SEA campagins or SEO stratatiges won't work if the fundation are constructed properly. We help, identify and fix your website's technical infrastructure to improve its visibility on Google.

Sjoege Web Industries Factory


The retail industry has experienced significant changes and continues to evolve. We make sure that your brand stays current with these changes, remaining in sync with your target audience, technology, and goals.

We utilize Magento or Shopware to build an e-commerce platform that perfectly aligns with the identity and ambition of your brand or company.

We believe that all good things are achieved by those who are willing to put in passion, courage and craftsmanship.


Workwear professionals is a Dutch B2B and B2C online retailer in professional workwear and workware accessories. Selling international A-Brands such as Fristads from Sweden to Havep from The Netherlands.